V. PALERMO designs silk scarves that are manufactured in France. For each limited edition, V. PALERMO will collaborate with a different artist to create unique visuals.


Every artwork will be printed on a silk scarf for a 100-copy limited edition.


The attention and care paid to details in the confection of V. PALERMO silk scarves – from drawing to silk selection, from printing to packaging, transforms each scarf in a piece of Art you could both wear or frame on a wall.





The V. PALERMO project was born from Palermo family’s passion for beautiful objects and artistic creation. Silk scarves perfectly represent the mysterious freedom and effortless yet elegant style of this family of Sicilian origins. Beyond the refined aspect of the accessory, V. PALERMO silk scarves also are a creative stance, as each scarf is in fact at first a painting, a drawing.


V. PALERMO was co-founded by painter and illustrator Flavien B. Palermo. As he wanted to try a new material for his art, he had the idea to explore the ambiguity between paper, canvas and silk, between a painting and a scarf. Silk is the perfect material for this project as it ads perspective and a unique dimension to the custom made piece of art of each limited edition.